Intellectual and industrial property


Our cross-functional team is a specialist in Intellectual Property (IP) and provides all the legal services related to this area: obtaining, protection, and defense before agencies and national and international courts.

As experts in the area of Intellectual Property we design strategies to protect and defend the rights of author, publishers, producers and distributors, software and Internet companies and entertainment companies.

In addition, we carry out everything related with legislation on patents and trademarks: obtaining and registration, contracts, licensing and legal actions of protection.


Copyright: royalties, rights of exploitation and moral rights.

Art law: protection of works of art, photographs, goods of cultural interest and antiques; advice in relation to traffic and domestic and international trade of artworks to foundations, galleries and auction houses.

Entertainment law: protection of artistic activities, music, movies and entertainment; negotiating and contracting related to entertainment.

Fashion law: hiring of professionals (designers, models, photographers…), agreements with firms, transfer of image and advice on legal aspects in relation to catwalks and fashion events, shops and showrooms.

Trademarks: registration, obtaining, protection and defense of national, EU community and international brands.

Domain name: registration, obtaining and recovery, protection and defense of domain names of web pages at the national and international levels.

Web pages: legal compliance and protection of web pages; guidance and direction in e-commerce and online stores.

Patents, utility models and designs: registration, obtaining, protection and defense of inventions and designs in the national and international level.

Litigation: actions and/or cessation and recovery for acts of unfair competition.

Criminal: actions against piracy and counterfeiting.

Commercial: valuation of intangible, non-disclosure agreements and technology transfer agreements, licenses of use and know-how.

Data protection: consultation and recommendation on privacy and data security and data protection of authors, models, photographers and contacts.

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