Criminal Law


In Denver Abogados we work proactively to the customers’ needs in the prevention of economic crimes and against the values of the personality.

The professionals of these firm have experience in criminal areas and we stand out the anticipation and detection of criminal problems, presenting and developing the best strategies for compliance with the rules.

In this area we also advise and assist individuals and companies, national and foreign, exercising both the defense and the prosecution in all criminal proceedings and instances.


Litigation: defense of interests of our clients on crimes against the public Treasury and laundering of capitals, corporate crimes, offences against the values of the personality – liberty, privacy and honor-, assistance to detainees, court proceedings practice in police or judicial dependencies and appeals tramitations.

Corporate: criminal liability of the legal person and criminal compliance, audits criminal prevention and consulting, detection and avoidance of crimes in the socio-economic order.

Bankruptcy: representation of clients in insolvency offences crimes contextualized in bankruptcy situations.

Labour: advice and representation in offences against the safety at work, crimes related to labour relations, discrimination or the workplace harassment.

Intellectual and industrial property: exercise of the defense or private prosecution in cases of infringements of patents and trademarks, secrets and industrial espionage, piracy and falsification.

Health: protection and representation in proceedings for offences against health and the physical integrity, and judicial or extrajudicial proceedings of liability for negligence or misconduct praxis.

Urban planning: legal defense to crimes against the land management and environment.

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