Bankruptcy Law


Specialists in various disciplines, we provide assistance in situations of business crisis and restructuring. Our firm provides advice and management problems that companies are facing in critical times and transition to manage complex negotiations and strategic solutions.

In this area of bankruptcy law, before economic implications arising from the Declaration of pre-bankruptcy, voluntary or required bankruptcy, it is necessary that the customer count with our team of experts in restructuring & insolvency. Prevention and anticipation are vital.

We also offer solutions to the creditors – recovering, defending and improving guarantees of payment of their loans- and to debtors, in all the areas: economic and financial, commercial, fiscal, employment or litigation.


Business and financial restructuring: prevention and anticipation to crisis situation, analyses and proposals for feasibility and negotiation with suppliers and banks.

Provisional or definitive insolvencies: analysis and study of the business crisis situation.

Pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy: assistance, accompaniment and legal management in national bankruptcy procedures before the courts.

Creditors: legal defense and recovery and improvement in the guarantees of recovery of claims.

Shares of reintegration: prior advice and legal direction in legal proceedings to terminate operations with companies in bankruptcy.

Liability of administrators: study and prevention of actions in relation to the responsibility of the administrators, whether criminal, tax, or corporate.

Litigation: legal defense in proceedings on liability of administrators.

Fiscal: application, processing and obtaining of deferral of tax and social security debts.

Labor: negotiation of measures to make more flexible labour relationships, collective bargaining and regulation of employment (ERE).

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