Competition and UE


Our firm specialists of the competition and EU law advise on the defense of competition, trade, anti-dumping and European Community law.

As a multidisciplinary team we represent private and public companies in the agencies and authorities of the EU, in infringement proceedings, judicial and appealings in the Spanish and European courts.

In this area we also deal with and intervene in issues such as State aids, internal market and control of concentrations.


Corporate: mergers and acquisitions, concentrations, business practices, vertical agreements, anti-dumping.

Fiscal: taxation in the EU, infringement proceedings and appeals to the organs of the EU.

Litigation: precautionary measures, procedures and remedies in courts and national and European authorities.

Public contracts: guidance and direction in concessions, licitations and State aids.

Intellectual and industrial property: registration, obtaining, protection and defense of trademarks and patents at the national and European level.

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